The our chartering department is responsible for: Managing the groups fleet of vessels, Developing and implementing operation strategies, Developing new markets, Tendering for contracts, Negotiating charter leases, Arranging voyage schedules, Planning the operating budget of each voyage. The department also collects data on industry and markets, analyses demand and supply trends, and makes timely adjustments to ship voyage plans. It also works with and supports other departments in the company.

   The department works in accordance with the ship charter contracts to understand the rights and obligations of both charterers and owners; and with the Chartering and Marketing departments to ensure the voyages are completed in the shortest time with optimal profit margins. It maintains information on ports; monitors the progress of cargo preparation, berthing schedule, and loading and discharging operations. It works closely with all relevant parties for efficient dispatch of the vessels. It monitors daily the weather reports, vessel speed and fuel consumption patterns and selects the ports most suited for refueling. It also represents companies to negotiate and manage freight, hire and cargo costs, and to prevent bad debts. It responds to emergencies in a timely manner to control and minimize losses.

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